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Abnehmen schilddrüse (Thyroid gland) confiscation is surgery to remove all or part of the thyroid gland. Your thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland with the intention of fabrication ended your trachea (the tube with the intention of carries air to your lungs). It is solely not more than your voice box.

Total thyroidectomy removes the full gland.
Subtotal or partial thyroidectomy removes part of the thyroid gland.
The thyroid gland is part of the endocrine logic. It helps your body standardize your metabolism.

You will be inflicted with all-purpose anesthesia (asleep and pain-free) pro this surgery. Rarely, the surgery could be made with community anesthesia and medicine to relax you. You will be wide awake but pain-free.

Your general practitioner could sort out the procedure through a surgical graze in your narrow part.

Your general practitioner will get on to a 3-inch to 4-inch graze in the midpoint of your narrow part, aptly on top of the thyroid gland. Then the general practitioner will remove all or part of the gland.
The surgery can furthermore be made using a less important surgical graze with the intention of is a reduced amount of than 2 inches long.
Your general practitioner will be very precise not to destruction the blood vessels and nerves in your narrow part.
Your general practitioner could place a small tube (catheter) into the area to help drain blood and other fluids with the intention of build up. The drain will be indifferent in 1 or 2 days.
Surgery to remove your total thyroid could take up to 4 hours. It could take a reduced amount of calculate if single part of the thyroid is indifferent.
Why the Procedure is Performed
Your doctor could urge thyroid confiscation if you be inflicted with:

A small thyroid growth (nodule or cyst)
A thyroid gland with the intention of is so overactive it is treacherous (thyrotoxicosis)
Growth of the thyroid
Noncancerous (benign) tumors of the thyroid with the intention of are causing symptoms
Thyroid swelling (nontoxic goiter) with the intention of makes it tricky pro you to breathe or swallow
You could furthermore be inflicted with surgery if you be inflicted with an overactive thyroid gland and sort out not aspire to be inflicted with radioactive iodine behavior, or you cannot be treated with antithyroid medicines.

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta King Zolciak on Bravo is set to return soon, and while we await the return, Kim Zolciak, along with some other reality television stars have been out and about showing off their Halloween looks. Check it below to see who is dressing up as what tonight!

Kim Zolciak was definitely not shy about debuting her post baby body in her skin tight costume, but Kim was not the only star to take on that very costume. In fact, Jersey Shore’s Jenni “JWoww” Farley also donned the same costume. Take a look and tell us which one looked better.

Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta is joining NFL royalty. She is all set to marry Kroy Biermann who is the defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons.

The couple already shares a child together, Kroy Jagger, who was born this past spring. He isn't Kroy's first child though. Biermann has two little girls named Ariana and Brielle. They are a product of his first marriage.

Zolciak is ecstatic over her engagement. She tweeted this, "I'm on a cloud and so blessed! I have never been happier."

Biermann was the fifth round draft pick of the Falcons three years ago. He spent his college football career at the University of Montana. He played 52 games, making a total of 220 tackles; 45 for a loss and 9 in forced fumbles. He was the première recipient of the Buck Buchanan Award.

Kim Zolciak won't be tardy for any Halloween parties this year -- because she already suited up in her sexy costume a week early.